Tailgate Wrap Mallards with Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo



Camouflage Mallard Tailgate Wrap with Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo

Mallard Nature Scene with Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo Tailgate Graphics. The basic Obliteration Camo interwined with Buck Skulls and Forest Fire for a great eye-catching color.

Obliteration Buck Blaze Camouflage Tailgate Wrap with Mallards by Right Wing Ink. Universal fit of 26″x66″ sheets. This will fit most standard tailgates.
If you need a custom size, contact us here at Right Wing Ink. We will help you get what you need!
Don’t forget to take a look at our matching Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo Rocker Panel Wraps, Grill Wraps, Hood Wraps, Door Decals, Truck Bed Decals and more! Complete your Obliteration Buck Blaze Wrap look with matching truck and SUV accessories!
Easy to follow instructions are included in your kit. And we have Wrap Installers available if you have any questions or concerns, You can do this solo, but we do recommend having a friend help out to help reduce the chance of wrinkles or dropping the vinyl.
We use 3M and Avery Vehicle Vinyls so you know you’re getting the best quality. We choose re-positional vinyl with micro Air Release Channels to help you get a bubble-free professional looking installation.

Camouflage Mallard Tailgate Wrap with Obliteration Buck Blaze Camo

We offer these in 3 different levels of conformability so that you get the best product for your Pink Tall Grass Camo tailgate. The SIMPLE (Mild to Moderate Curves), and the MEDIUM (Moderate to Heavy Curves) will both work for most tailgates. If you have a lot of complex curves we recommend the EXTREME (Heavy to Extreme Curves). But for most, you won’t need that third level and we don’t recommend it if you don’t need it.  If you’re not sure what you need, send us a picture of your tailgate and we’ll give you our recommendation.
Our high quality vinyl and UV resistant inks and laminate mean you can expect 7-8 years of great color on your tailgate wrap. 


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