Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap



Pink Obliteration Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap


Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap

Lower Door Jeep and Truck Graphics

Part of the Obliteration Series, this Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap is interwoven with branches that appear to end in human skulls, for a great pattern to get someone to give your truck a 2nd look.

Rocker Panel Wrap Kits are easy to install. We ship these in 52″ sections, so they’re easy to handle, so you don’t have to hire a professional wrap installer to get a professional looking wrap!

Take a look at our other items that are available to create an entire customized camouflaged look to your vehicle– These Pink Skull Camo Graphics look especially great on both white and black trucks!

Besides our Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap Kits, we have matching Hood Graphics, 4×4 Truck Bed Graphics, Pink Skull Camo Racing Stripes, Tailgate Wrap Kits and more!

We print our Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Kits and our other vehicle graphics on 3M Air Release Channel Vehicle Vinyl. The Micro-Air Release Channels help move those bubbles out as you wrap. So you get a professionally finished wrap.  We use high quality inks and UV resistant laminate so you can expect years and years of life out of your Vehicle and Truck Graphics.

Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap

Our rocker panel wrap kits come in 3 different heights — 8″, 12″, and 16″ tall.

We have two length options. Either 21 feet or 30 feet. Our Rocker Panel kits are in 52″ long sections so that it’s easy to install rather than dealing with a 15′ long piece of vinyl as you don’t want to get dirt in the adhesive before applying it to your vehicle. Even with 52″ long sections, we recommend enlisting the help of a buddy if you’re not experienced in wrapping with vinyl, just to help ensure it stays clean.

Our 21 foot long kit comes in 6 sections (4 Sheets at 52″ & 2 Sheets at 26″) 

Our 30 foot long kit comes in 8 sections (6 Sheets at 52″ & 2 Sheets at 26″)

We offer 4 levels of vinyl conformability for the Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wraps:

High Quality:  Our High Quality air-release vinyl is specialized for quick and easy installation on flat surfaces. We highly recommend you don’t get this conformability unless your surface is really quite flat. This is a stretched vinyl and it’s great for flat areas and simple one-way curves (think a paper towel roll how it curves in one direction). However any more complex curves will give this vinyl the opportunity to try to shrink back to its original shape (molecular memory) and will pull up in those areas.

Mildly Conformative:  Our Mild Conformative vinyl is good for most applications as it is designed for surfaces with mild curves.

Moderately Conformative: Our Moderate Conformative vinyl is great for most applications as it is designed for surfaces with moderate curves.

Ultra-Conformative:  Specifically designed to wrap around more complex curves. This vinyl is needed for those multi-directional surfaces.

If you are not sure which of our levels of conformability is best for your project, just contact us here and send a picture of the surface you are going to wrap and our experts will give you their recommendation so you can get the vinyl that will give you years of life on your wrap.

Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap

This easy-to-use kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Easy to follow instructions are included with your kit.

These cover the lower doors on most full-size trucks, compact trucks, and SUVs. Please measure to determine whether the 21′ or the 30′ length will work for you.

Our Pink Skull Camo Rocker Panel Wrap Kits feature:

Premium 3M vinyl and laminate material for years of long life. 8+ years life expectancy.

Air Channel Release technology by 3M for easy, bubble-free installation

These are Universal Kits designed to fit most full-size and compact trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs

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